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What is Webtulz and how does it work?

Webtulz is an intuitive website building platform designed to simplify the process of creating websites. It operates on a user-friendly interface where you can choose templates, customize layouts, add content, and manage your site’s elements without needing extensive technical knowledge. With its drag-and-drop functionality, building a professional website becomes straightforward and efficient.

Do I need any technical skills to use Webtulz?

No, you don’t need advanced technical skills to use Webtulz. Its interface is designed to be user-friendly, enabling individuals without coding expertise to create and manage their websites easily. The platform offers intuitive tools and a straightforward interface, making website creation accessible to users of all skill levels.

Can I use my own domain name with Webtulz?

Absolutely! Webtulz allows you to use your own domain name on PRO and higher plans in the future. This means you can personalize your website’s URL to align with your brand or preferences, giving your site a unique identity on the internet. Just contact us via email or chat to assist you.

Are there any hidden fees with Webtulz?

There are no hidden fees with Webtulz. The platform operates on transparent pricing models, ensuring that you know exactly what you’re paying for. Any additional features or premium services are clearly outlined in the available plans.

Can I switch my Webtulz plan at any time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your Webtulz Builder plan at any time according to your needs. Whether you require more features or want to scale down, the support team will be willing to assist you for seamless transitions between plans without any hassle.

Does Webtulz offer customer support?

Webtulz offers customer support through tutorials, documentation, or direct assistance via email or chat. Our support team is dedicated to helping users navigate the platform effectively and address any concerns they might have within 24 hours from M-F, 9am to 6pm. We will improve our support solutions as we grow to serve users better.

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